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Monday, September 15, 2008


Ed finally left Anchorage today! Of course, he had a lot of last minute errands to run, and of course it was the Monday after Free Money Day in Alaska. Do you know about this?

Every year, Alaskans get a bonus check for braving out the cold, high prices for every freakin' thing, being far away from family and enduring the poor grooming of some of our fellow Alaskans. It's really a portion of the oil revenues that's put in a sort of investment fund and we get a check with our interest earnings.

Since Ed had this weekend to get the final things ready, he had to battle the crowds of people at REI, Wal-Mart and Best Buy all spending their Free Money. Ed was getting survival gear and others were getting, well, survival gear. After riding with loaded panniers (bike baskets) across town to the bike store for better gloves, he made it back to our old house and was met by our friends, the Magids.

Leah took pictures to document the historic start of the epic trip. He rolled out of the driveway and on to the greatest adventure of his 44 years.

But first, Ed stopped for sushi at one of his fave places in Muldoon, rode for about an hour then stopped in Eagle River for the night.

Click Here to see where started. Once he pushes the button again, I get an email with his coordinates and a link to Google Maps.

He's hoping to get to Sutton tomorrow or maybe further. Hey - he's on vacation, don't pressure him.

More tomorrow...

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