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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pictures at last!

Over the next few days, I'll be posting the pictures Ed was able to send me at the Tok public library.

First, here's the map link of where he was last night:

Now, getting internet access from the library in Tok is no easy task. The facility is staffed by volunteers and the hours posted on the door are merely a suggestion. Luckily, the woman who ran the front desk at Ed's hotel was one of the library volunteers and she was able to open the door for him on her lunch break.
They do have standards at the Tok Public library, though - they will not open if it's -35 degrees outside. They're not animals, for Pete's sake.

Now for a recap of Ed's first week on the road:

Here's Ed leaving our house - which is sold, by the way. Thank God for that!

Notice the gray and gloomy day. Our friend, Glenn Cravez called and wished Ed, "Tail winds, brother, tail winds." Unfortunately, he did not say "poo-poo-poo" like a good Jewish aunty and Ed's had nothing but head winds throughout his ride. That will make any normal person reconsider, but not Ed. He just considered it a challenge. Still, when I talked to him last night, I repeated the wish AND added poo-poo-poo.

Before leaving Anchorage, however, he had to stop at Samurai Sushi for one last plate of fabulousness. When he told the owner what he was up to, the guy went behind the counter and made Ed a huge "sushi ball", which Ed claims saved his life on a bad section of road.

The Sushi ball:

The bad ride

The Sushi ball takes a break and enjoys the mountain view before being eaten.

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gigi-bats said...

I think a sushi ball is really called Onegili - which is a rice ball wrapped in seaweed with special surprise inside. I LOVE THESE.

But if that's a picture of what is inside Ed's that was a SUPER-FUN TIME!MEGA-LOVE Onegili. YUM!