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Friday, September 19, 2008

Glennallen to Tok

Apparently, Ed met some other pilgrims on the road - going the opposite direction back to Anchorage, but still. Of course, being a boy, he did not ask them anything about where they came from, how long it took, or where they got their fabulous shoes. Honestly, don't boys talk about anything important?

We'd like to point out that Ed's not the only one who's ridden out of Alaska on a bike. A friend of ours rode TO Alaska from Michigan by herself and said it was the trip of a lifetime. She is a serious bad mamma-jamma, too - weighs about 90 pounds soaking wet and carrying something heavy. So anyone can do it.

Gotta cut this short - I'm the only wage-earner in the family and have to get crackin and get to work. Not all of us can just ride our bikes all dang day...


Peas out,

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gigi-bats said...

Sitting here with co-workers sipping a glass of wine, I am just so proud of my little bro and his beautiful wife (and smart)! I also noticed the sponsorship on this site, so I wrote a poem:

Accessing the inner you. He's
Telling others about
Your appreciation for taking
Pieces and parts, then
Unifying and translating them into