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Friday, October 3, 2008


Well, it's been three weeks since he set out on his little mancation-adventure and we're getting ready to have Ed Daddy home. Not that we aren't supportive (obviously) or happy to be capitalizing off his craziness, but it's just not the same without Ed. Sigh...

This weekend, he'll meet up with Pete and Sandra, cousin and in-law, for fun and mayhem - maybe even camping and Hold 'Em. I think the last time he saw them was at the big Witterholt family reunion on Orcas Island. Funny, he's meeting them in about the same place.

Oh, "almote" is what my nephew used to say when he missed a shot at basketball. He's a big teenager with a truck now, but he could make free throws at age 4.

So Ed is "almote" home. We're not sure exactly when he'll get here, but I have to start planning the party - and getting the garbage ready for him to take out.

Want to know where he is?


The last picture is tire tracks - what he rode through - again, a case FOR the ferry. Don't know what that middle picture is - any guesses?

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