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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Heading Home

At left is a picture from the Alaska ferry that never got posted. De-Luxe accomodations!

Ed wanted to give a shout-out to the guys at Fine Edge Ski, Cycle and Fitness in Laramie, WY. Apparently they had one younger guy and one older guy who offer gear advice, philosophical discussion and tires. Ed says they were very "diplomatic and respectful" while chastising him about his previous tire choices.

Since there is not a lot between Laramie and Fort Collins, Ed's in for a thrasher ride. He's hoping to arrive by 3:30 for the Obama rally at CSU, but he may not make it. I'm not saying anything else, except that anyone who's entered a guess about Ed's arrival in Denver may be a little off.

And, to answer the other FAQ, there won't be a party or a finish line. I tried, but a) he's a bit of a 'don't pay attention to me' kind of guy and b) it's hard to predict a time when he'll arrive. I hate to ask a bunch of people to just stand around. My kid's iPod can only entertain two people at a time, max.

So, as with his departure, the arrival will be low-key. And there will be garbage for him to take out. Don't forget to enter your guess about day and time of his arrival. When he sees his family is what we'll count.


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