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Sunday, October 5, 2008


He's back on land after the five-day ferry journey, hanging out with Pete and Sandra, cousins from Portland, Oregon. Thanks a big bunch to Pete for uploading a TON of pictures via a high-powered FTP. I think Ed was swearing off technology at some point, having to sign up for 30-minute increments at public libraries with turtle speed uploads or hotel lobby free computers with limited picture features. For the next few posts, I'll be able to show lots of pictures, some from the early days of travel that are just stunning.


After exiting the ferry Friday morning, Ed rode to Sedro Wooley, WA, which he believes is linked somehow to a character from "Chico and the Man" (for you whipper snappers, that was an awesome show in the '70s starring Freddie Prinze). An extensive search for this connection could not be found, but if you find one, you win a cookie.

Now that he's gotten a little more organized for the last half of the trip, he's plotted a rough outline of his course. This is, of course, barring any detours, scenic routes and plain laziness. We're hoping he gets to Denver by the third week of October.

After Sedro, he'll head east (obviously) through North Cascades National Park and then on to Idaho and Montana. Yesterday, at the request of his mother, he went to the ranger's office for the park and got some maps and whatnot from them.

"My mommy asked me to come in and talk to you guys," Ed told the rangers. I know this made Annie very happy.

"Do you want to call her from here?" they asked. Ed laughed and said no thanks.

Apparently, there is an adventure cyclist shop in Missoula that Ed wants to visit, so head's up ya'll - the Crazy Bike Guy is coming.

After that, who knows. South to Colorado, most likely, but which road is anyone's guess.

For your viewing fun, here are a few pictures:

That's him somewhere in the woods - wearing Sooner colors.

Don't know where this is, but isn't he adorable?
And, because luxury accomodations are his thing, here's a place he stayed along the way:

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Pete said...

I'm about as techno savvy as Ed - Sandra did the fancy stuff and uploaded the pix after first making the files smaller...

It was great seeing Ed and he is doing fine. He had lot's of great stories to share from the trip, and talking politics was sheer joy!

We did everything we could to bring Ed down to our level - fed him lots of fatty & salty foods, sat around, kept him up past 10pm, etc. Alas, he'll probably make it to Denver anyhow.

Pete back in PDX