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Friday, October 17, 2008

Continental Divide

The weather question was answered yesterday: He is ahead of or missing snow everywhere he goes. He's seen it on the sides of the road, though and he said it's breathtaking, but so far not a hindrance.

Just a few days ago, he crossed the Continental Divide and was heading toward some switchbacks when he got his first flat tire of the entire trip! He changed the tire and started up the hill.

Then he got ANOTHER flat while riding uphill. His only recourse was to stop every few yards and pump up, since there wasn't a convenient place to change out the tire on the switchbacks. His plan was to stop and camp up at the top, but some loud crazy people with pickup trucks parked in the canyon below and proceeded to whoop and holler for a solid half hour, thus spoiling the pristine silence. He trudged on and camped in a much quieter place.

That place was Lewis and Clark State Park, which was technically closed for winter. However, in the spirit of "better to ask forgiveness than permission" and "my bike can fit through that measly gate", Ed rode on. He described a serene, still landscape with snow on either side of a perfectly clear road. He rode alone through the park and camped out on the other side.

He told me last night that he rode about 1000 miles from Anchorage to Haines and another 1000 miles from Bellingham to the Continental Divide. That just gives you a little perspective on the distance he has gone. Next up: Near Billings, Montana, and hopefully more pictures. Meanwhile:


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