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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back at it

Did anyone notice he stayed at El Diablo (that's Spanish for fighting chicken or something) Lake yesterday and today he's at Twisp? The weird place names are back and I think he's found a theme.

At left is an "owl on a stick" - love that picture. Please be assured that Ed is respectful of wildlife, but if they get in his way before a big football game, he will charge (see the post about Boomer and the Bear). Since this weekend is OU-Texas, I'm just giving fair warning to those animals in the Pacific Northwest who have internet access - MOVE!!!

The ride from Cascades Park to Twisp was fraught with headwinds (another theme) and a lot of mountain passes. He's encountering snow again but not on the roads too much. Today he heads to Grand Coulee Dam (about 100 miles away). He is at the fork in the road, so he will take it.

Here's a plug for our sponsor (pay up, already!) with logo on the Alaska ferry.


Gotta go- early start today.

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