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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Raising awareness

Yesterday, a woman asked me if Ed was riding to "raise awareness" of anything. He has said before that the Cause is "freedom from wage slavery" or "my sanity" but riding to make people more aware of something is a bit different.

Personally, I would think people could be more aware of a lot of things:
  • Energy use
  • Slow vacations
  • Biking for fun and profit
  • Deliberate living
  • Making something happen rather than just talking about it

All of these things are exemplified by Ed's mancation ride extravaganza.

Energy use: For years when we first moved to Alaska, we only had one car. Ed rode his bike most days and one winter he commuted via bike every day. That's right- in the ALASKA winter, he rode his bike. And, he wasn't the only one!

Slow vacations: Take your time. Don't worry about seeing a lot, but seeing deeply. You can do this on a bike. Or in a car or boat or whatever. It's not about the mode of transport, it's about what you do when you get there.

Biking for fun and profit: This one we're still working on, but I think Ed would be a good bike rep / bike parts inventor or something. Or a beta-tester for bicycle-based inventions like self-charging head lamps or bike-powered toaster ovens - I'm just saying...

Deliberate living: This was actually part of our wedding vows because we both believe so strongly about it. Do things ON PURPOSE and WITH PURPOSE whenever you can. Riding your bike through the Yukon qualifies for deliberate. No one does that by accident.

Make something happen: Ed survived cancer a long time ago - 10-1/2 years ago to be exact. To say that it doesn't color every decision we make now would be a lie. We both support each other in what sometimes seem like rash decisions or jumping on gut instincts. Why? Because you never know. As my friend Shirley said at her 60th birthday party, "Growing old is a privilege denied to many." What are you waiting for?


For my Hebrew peeps, have an easy fast tomorrow.


Tanta said...

And I'm guessing that "Cause it's none of your ding dang biznass, but I'm biking across the country because I can." isn't an option?

Easy fast, my friends.

49Luddite said...

Love the deliberate living! Jim and I have a similar attitude, only he has referred to it as not wanting to take a path in life merely "by default."

Hope Ed's enjoyed the beautiful Pacific Northwest (in my totally, utterly unbiased opinion, the most beautiful part of his ride), ride on! J&K

gigi-bats said...

This is my absolute favorite post so far --- it does help to understand the madness! But it's a madness that I believe many more people will be considering in these times.

Tim said...

Damn fine post. Everyone's riding, walking or pogo-sticking across continents to "raise awareness" of something. In many cases, the whole "awareness" thing is really just a way to defray the costs associated with the trip.

It's good to see someone give the best -- and most honest -- answer. Ed's riding across the country because it makes him happy, and that makes for a better life.