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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pedaling a little faster

Don't know if anyone's noticed, but he's making excellent time. There's been a delay in postings because I've been visiting his parents in Tulsa . Every morning, his dad prints out the Google map and gives it to his mother. Annie has a folder with all the printouts so she can see the amazing progress her son has made. And then she doesn't really want to talk much about it, since she's still worried about him.

Apparently, the folks at the Adventure Cycling Association were very helpful and Ed was able to get a clear plan for the route. The number one question now is - will he be ahead of the weather?

My dad has a few links to weather sites, but as Ed's sister said, "Why is it you can ask any man any time what the weather is anywhere, and THEY KNOW?" Beats me, but in a case like this, I'm glad my man knows the weather. Not that he ever does anything about it...

Here are the last two map links:

Don't know what these are, but they're interesting. StoLat, ya'll.

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