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Thursday, October 23, 2008

In Case You Wondered What He Ate

Have you made your prediction yet about when he will arrive in Denver? Leave a comment about the day and time he will roll in (when he sees his family is the time we'll count).

Last night, he was in Casper, but the next couple of days will be tough. Uphill and gaining altitute to peak in Cheyenne, I think.

Oh, and for you bike freaks out there: He doesn't really eat breakfast, but has "bike food" along the way (GU and PowerBars). Then has a good dinner. He said he will break with tradition tomorrow and have breakfast in the same cafe as last night's dinner, only because they seem to have the small-town diner thing down: Good food and good service with a lot of locals packed in. Strange how that's not been his experience until now (except for that couple in Canada, who threw in the jokes).

"I'm nerve-cited about seeing you guys," he said yesterday. Nerve-cited is the term our kid came up with before a big presentation in 2nd grade. Nervous + excited = nerve-cited.

Make those predictions now - there could be a prize waiting for you.

1 comment:

Tanta said...

My vote is for Shabbat. I think he'll roll in right in time to kvetch about the fact that the giant candelabra ain't there.