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Monday, October 6, 2008

Home stretch - sort of

Can't write long - the daughter has to be at school early today to broadcast the lunch menu, fact of the day, opening prayer, and the Israeli national anthem.

Ed has made it to Cascades National Park in Washington. He must have meant it when he said he was ready to ride again! He did tell me his tentative plan from there to Missoula:

From North Cascades National Park, he'll head to Twisp (not to be confused with Qwisp cereal), then South to Grand Cooley dam and maybe toward Spokane. From there, Sand Point, Idaho, and on to Missoula, Montana.

Oh, and his description of the ride from Bellingham to Sedro Wooley - "Basically a lot of llama farms and dairy farms. You could tell the real farms from those bought by doctors for 'fun' by the cars parked out front - truck for real, Volvo for 'llama investors'."


And a few pictures:

Wild Beasts tamed by pepper spray.

The view from the back of the ferry.

World's largest gold pan.

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