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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dinosaurs and Turnip Trucks

Besides going 2000 miles officially, Ed had another fine moment:

"I literally saw something fall off a turnip truck," Ed told me yesterday.

It was, of course, a turnip, but it was HUGE. He described the large dangerous vegetables poised delicately on the top of the pile, then the truck turned and the turnips rolled off and threatened to crush crazy bike riders.

"The lesson here is to keep clear of them - they will mess you up," he warned. Now that he's seen the turnip truck, they are apparently everywhere in Wyoming. It must be the second largest cash crop or they actually use turnips as local currency because they are all over the road, so threatening with their precarious truck placement. Oh, he also saw the world's largest pile of potatoes:

Last night, he made it to Thermopolis, a huge dinosaur remain capital. The dinosaurs were big shots there but since there were no tourists, they died out. There's a pretty good museum there and Ed talked the manager into letting him roll the bike in for a few pictures:

And here are more pictures to keep us honest:

They are from top: Outside the "Biker Bar", a beautiful corn field, and the continental divide at night.


Tomorrow: More pictures!

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