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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Home Like Lord Rama

FINALLY! He's home, resting, and "eating like a Witterholt." Having ridden 2400+ miles, and with a weary exterior, he crossed our threshold at 8:30 p.m. He actually arrived in Denver in the early afternoon, but got lost on the Cherry Creek bike trail. Of course, if you're a guy and you ask for directions, vital parts start falling off, so when I called him at 6, he said he was lost but on his way.

He knocked on the door and we rushed to greet him. When he came in the apartment, it was like he had been here all along. Our daughter talked his ear off for about an hour before collapsing and she's been spending a lot of time with him today. He'll be adding to the blog soon, and the bestselling cycle adventure novel will come out before you know it.

My Bollywood West Dance teacher, Renu, pointed out that Ed came home during the first days of Diwali, and that's very lucky for us. Apparently, it's a holiday of new beginnings, returning and eating sugary treats. Sounds like our kind of party.

His welcome home meal consisted of a whole Domino's pizza and ice water. I tried to do something special, but he said, "Just get me a pizza and let me sleep in a real house for once." Nuff said.

Here's Ed by the new car, bringing the bike into the house and saying hey to the guinea pigs, who missed him terribly, also. StoLat, Ya'll.


Tanta said...

Congrats, Ed! You all must be so happy to have him home.

Have a great rest, Ed. Then get to doin' some stuff for cryin' out loud.

June said...

Welcome to your new home ...at last. Your trip was a fantastic accomplishment! Congratulations! We've been following you around. I guess you went thru Spokane, our hometown. Your folks are coming for dinner on Nov.1 so you will be a topic of conversation I'm sure.

gigi-bats said...

yeah! You are home! We are all so very happy -- little Ricky has been asking and asking, but he is too short to reach the lap top on the table and I have been out of touch (or is it out of my mind?) Who won the arrival guess?

saustrabeck said...

You are my absolute hero. I tried calling you up in Alaska, but couldn't reach you. I asked Art if you you were still around, he said you moved here. Welcome!! I bet you're loving the weather this week! I'm down in Colorado Springs.

saustrabeck said...

My mom loved this blog!!! She said "I laughed that he could bike from Alaska and got so lost/turned around in the Cherry Creek trail."

saustrabeck said...

Ed man, where ARE you? Matukonis and his wife are coming down here to Colorado Springs at the end of the month. She went to Air Academy High, and is coming for her anniversary.

Hope all finds you well, and that you're enjoying the tour and Colorado.

Tour of Steamboat's coming up next weekend I think.


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